cage :(

Had to take my cage down and fold it up for the move and now i find myself on the floor feeling incredibly insecure unable to sleep :(

Hi guys :)

Well i haven’t been posting mu7ch on my tumblr recently and this is just a quick update of whats happening xD

Currently in the process of moving (again) to Scotland with the littletriforce so been very busy with packing and organizing stuff which is astonishing really cos i don’t really do ‘organized’

my camera is now packed so no more pics until ive moved unfortunately which is looking to be around Wednesday next week i cant wait hehe *wag wags*

had a nice few days with them to check out the place and the area and to sort out my job and it all seems to be pretty awesome :D the new place is a lot bigger than i thought just not looking forward to the unpacking after and the 3 flights of stairs i will need to carry all my crap up :P but still its all good :D

so yeah thats whats been happening in the lil foxies life and hopefully i will get back to posting regularly again soon :)