can’t sleep

been tossing and turning in my cage for hours now feeling submissive and knowing my Master is hundreds of miles away

feeling helpless unable to serve and be useful needing someone to give me orders and direction but for now at least im lost and alone trapped in my subspace with no outlet for it.


okay im more than just a little bit angry right now i was cycling minding my own business to work over the town moor when i was engulfed by a ton of runners coming from the opposite direction none of whom seemed to be paying any attention to who and what was around them some woman was running right at me talking to her friend i was literally shouting at her to move her fat arse out the way and she kept on coming forcing me off the path and onto the grass having a road bike wet mud and it dont mix so i was thrown clear over the handle bars and no one even bothered to see if i was okay, complained to a marshal who said it wasn’t his problem i would have actually found someone proper to complain to if i wasn’t heading to work but seriously >_< RAGE

little time

Master said i should try and get some little time to myself cos there has been a lot going on in my life recently. Just woke up in leaky padding and now i just feel like i need cuddles to make me feel safe and make everything better :(