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I bet you've been asked this before, but how/where do you find your clothing? And how do you know it'll fit? I've been trying to shop online and have not bought anything yet except kneesocks. :/

well generally im size 8 -10 if i buy skirts any bigger say i accidentally got a size 12 one which came with the uniform i ordered which ended up at me feet after a few mins of walking ( Luckily i didn’t make it out the door so had time to change) best thing to do really is to measure yourself with a tape and if in doubt get a size bigger.

Sizes in the US and UK are fairly consistent but you need to figure out your size for different styles of clothing for example i know im 8 - 10 in jeans and shorts and skirts and bottoms and what not skinny fit tshirts im usually a 10 too however regular tshirts im an 8 so yeah don’t go all out and buy a full wardrobe just get bits and pieces until you feel confident you have your size figured

Going into a store where you can actually try on the stuff you are going to buy is always the best option

in terms of where i get my stuff from, well here there and everywhere tbh i mean the new stuff from ebay is always cheap and easy to get and is usually good quality although it can be hit and miss, ensure its not an auction cos buying new is always the best, also try to go for well known brands if your into the emo / gothic ect scene you can try places like ripleys merch, Spiral Direct and alchemy gothic although i have found that the Chinese rip offs of such clothing is almost equal in quality and i have got quite a few nice things from hong kong and china based retailers.

Hope this has helped, feel free to message me if you have any more questions

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Hi guys, sorry i haven’t been posting lately working hard on my dissertation and i don’t think i will be back until the 1st of May so yeah thank you all for your continued support and i hope you will bare with me until i have all my uni work over and done with and then i can get back to uploading my pics :D

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When i say yes nurse you can take my blood i dont mean all of it ! 3 damn vials she filled and now my left arm feels weak and twitchy XD